Meeting: Election update Propositions on the ballot

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Club joins July 4th Parade, Sunland-Tujunga


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Prop 47 & 57, and Assembly Bill 109

Public Safety Panel Discussion:

Prop 47 & 57, and Assembly Bill 109
Thursday March 1, Monrovia Community Center Monrovia CA

More than 100 people attended, including  Law Enforcement Officers from nearby jurisdictions, as well as City Councilmembers and mayors.

Major takeaways:

Absence of crime  Presence of well-being.

Policing is local, but criminals roam between jurisdictions.

When police, probation, public health, and community groups work together, recidivism is sharply decreased.

Some offenders are not amenable to rehabilitation. Need to lock up repeat offenders and “predators.”

AB109 only considers most recent felony, does not review history of possible violent felonies.

Under Prop 57, property theft of value less than $950 is a misdemeanor. Acts as a revolving door. Previously “Theft with prior” allowed prosecutors to incarcerate repeat offenders.

Convicted felons face multiple challenges to reintegration:

  • Housing is barred to felons
  • Probation and parole have scheduled appointments and random drug test requirements which conflict with regular work hours.
  • Mental illness and homelessness are huge problems for released offenders
  • Convicted felons are barred from 4800 professions in California.


Assembly Bills 2138, 2293, and 3039 would affect the nearly 8 million Californians with non-violent arrest or conviction records and help reduce the barriers they face in receiving a professional license, which is required for 30 percent of jobs in the State of California.  

AB 2138, authored by Assemblymembers Chiu and Low, will prohibit the Department of Consumer Affairs from denying or revoking licenses under its issuing authority unless the conviction is directly and adversely related to the qualifications, functions, or duties of the business or profession.

06/04/18 In Senate. Read first time. To Com. on RLS. for assignment.
05/31/18 Read third time. Passed. Ordered to the Senate.

Assemblymember Holden has authored AB 3039, which will enact similar provisions for all licenses issued by the Department of Social Services (DSS), to ensure all Californians are able to access employment in community care facilities.

05/25/18 In committee: Held under submission.

AB 2293 by Assemblymember Reyes will similarly affect licenses as in the previous two bills but will apply to EMS licenses issued by the Emergency Medical Services Authority.

“If a person is good enough to risk their life fighting fires for the state of California as an inmate, and as long as they meet the standards of the program and maintain good behavior, their previous actions should not prevent them from having a job utilizing the skill set they have learned,” said Assemblymember Reyes.

06/04/18 In Senate. Read first time. To Com. on RLS. for assignment.
05/31/18 Read third time. Passed. Ordered to the Senate.


Assemblymember Chris Holden

Decades of tough-on-crime laws, including determinate sentencing and the three-strikes law, filled California’s prisons and burdened the state budget with skyrocketing costs.

AB 109

Criminal Justice Realignment (2011) transferred certain felons from state prisons to county jails or rehabilitation programs.

Proposition 47

“The Safe Neighborhood and Schools Act” (2014) Classified “non-serious, nonviolent crimes” as misdemeanors instead of felonies unless the defendant has prior convictions for murder, rape, certain sex offenses or certain gun crimes.

From Nov-Dec 2014 to July-Sept 2017, re-sentencing petitions, reclassification applications, and juvenile petitions under Prop 47 totaled 325,766.

Proposition 57

allows parole consideration for people with nonviolent convictions,

gives corrections officials the power to grant inmates credits for good behavior

requires judges, instead of prosecutors, to decide whether a minor should be tried as an adult.

Authority over early release remains with California’s parole board, consisting of 12 full-time commissioners appointed by the governor and a group of deputy commissioners.


Phlunté Riddle, Psy. D, Assembly District 41 District Director, than 25 years at Pasadena Police Department.


Reaver Bingham
Los Angeles County Probation Department Deputy Chief, oversees AB 109 for the LA County Probation Department

Bob Guthrie
Police Chief for the Arcadia Police Department and President of the Los Angeles County Police Chiefs’ Association

Daniel Torres
Reintegration Specialist Flintridge Center

Flintridge Center named Non-Profit of the Year for Assembly District.

Not present due to high wind conditions etc:

Secretary Scott Kernan,

California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Stephen Walker, Director, Governmental Affairs in California California Correctional Peace Officers Association


Oliver Chi
City Manager, Monrovia Taking Back Our Community

Philip L. Sanchez
Chief of Police for the City of Pasadena

Marisa Arrona
Local Safety Solutions Project Director Californians for Safety and Justice

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General Resource Materials for Civic Participation

General Resource Materials for Civic Participation 1st ed. PDF File

On iPhone,  iBooks is a better PDF reader than Safari.

If you have Google Drive account, you can access document here.  Copy to your own Google Drive Account with this process.  File => Make A Copy => My Drive

Handy to keep on your phone.


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Think globally, and act locally. Our public school system K-14
Please join us Saturday or Sunday! and/or Monday or Tuesday, but we need help this weekend!

GET OUT THE VOTE FOR SANDRA CHEN LAU! Place door hangers. Or Easy Calls!

We Need Your Help! Give us just two hours of your time! Please!

Let’s Win This Election!

GOTV Phone Bank. You can also hang doorhangers! Get out the Vote Altadena and Pasadena! Hosts: Juanita West Tillman and Dolores Hickambottom. Bring a phone and charger. Free gift cards if you hang door hangers. Prizes. Food, Fun.

We will be calling and texting voters.Bring a phone and charger.Fun, Food and treats.

Phone and Text Bank. Bring a phone and charger. Food, fun and treats.


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May 2018 Meeting

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Cañada Crescenta Democratic Club Schedule




Craig R. Hover, a licensed professional engineer with a specialty in the development of renewable energy resources and author of the book “A World to Come Home To: Ending Global Warming in Our Lifetime,” will discuss Renewable Energy and Sustainability.

05/28/18 Memorial Day Parade

Meet in parking lot between Church of Lighted Window and Farmers Market on Foothill Blvd, between 9-9:30. Parade starts at 10:00.

06/05/18 Statewide Direct Primary Election 


No General Meeting in June



Nalini’s house

No General Meeting in July



Spiritual Center







November 6, 2018, General Election






Chuck’s house

No General Meeting in December

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June Primary is 1.4 months away


If you feel that primary elections are dull & drab, disagreeable, and dreary, please join your club members and other local volunteer organizations in volunteering.

GOTV activities are social, fascinating, and meaningful.



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Relax and recharge

Club member Leslie Bielanski has been the inspiration of some recent social events, especially if they include spirits! 

The John Sparr Tavern “Social” on April 18, provided a cozy corner table for club president Kevin Gallivan, publicity chair Bonnie Finn, action team coordinator Leslie Bielanski, our beloved 100 year-old member, Mary Naff and new member Rene Steinberg. Cheers!

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April Meeting – FLIP the House


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