Happy New Year!

Dear Members and Friends,
As we welcome in the new year, I wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the Club’s activities and accomplishments of 2018–and there were many!
After nearly two years of presidential bombast, relentless degradation of our Country’s values, and endless threats to our democracy, the 2018 mid-term elections were an opportunity of monumental proportions. The successes from those elections reminded us that we can make a difference! Of course, those victories did not come without hard work and tireless dedication. Our members more than met both of those challenges this past year by attending marches, rallies, and town halls; participating in postcard campaigns; phone and text-banking; and canvasing door-to-door, from Santa Clarita to Orange County. They donated, both locally and beyond. And thanks to our membership, the Club was also able to make numerous donations, including $500 to the UDH and $1,000 each to five red-to-blue Southern California races. All five races were victories, as were many other races we supported–from our terrific LASC Judges to the first Democratic Sheriff to be elected in 138 years.
But our efforts began long before the mid-term elections. Earlier in 2018, the Club supported numerous local primary elections, including Sandra Chen Lau’s bid for PCC Board of Trustees, Luz Rivas’ special election bid for the AD39 Assembly seat, and Superior Court Judge races with Tony Cho and Lucy Armendariz. The Club also continued its presence throughout the year at the Montrose Farmer’s Market, registering voters and inviting newcomers to join our organization.
Over the course of the year, numerous candidates appeared at our meetings, promoting their candidacies and in many cases seeking endorsement. The benefit to both the candidates and our members was invaluable. Without the opportunity to understand a particular candidate’s views and values, many of us may not have cast a vote for that person. It was win, win!
Our members also enjoyed a year of informative speakers that presented on topics from climate change to political economics, local issues, and beyond. And, of course, we were honored throughout the year to hear from our local representatives, including founding Club member Senator Anthony Portantino, member and AD43 Assemblywoman Laura Friedman, and leaders from the Los Angeles County Democratic Party, among others. We look forward to another year of terrific contributors!
In addition to all their hard work, our members also managed to have some fun this year! Some examples:

  • Sunland-Tujunga Candidate Forum (introducing S-T residents to the Club and providing a forum to meet AD39 candidates for the 2018 special election) (March)
  • Fiesta Days Parade (where we marched with Congressman Adam Schiff) (May)
  • Summer Party BBQ and Silent Auction (June)
  • Sunland-Tujunga 4th of July Parade (where we sponsored the dignitary cars for AD39 Assemblywoman Luz Rivas and also for Congressman Adam Schiff!) (July)
  • Movie Night (September) (proceeds donated to the venue and to UDH) (September)
  • And, of course, the November victory party!

Sadly, the Club did suffer personal losses in 2018. We lost our beloved long-time member Mary Naff, who passed away in July at the age of 101. She was a dedicated supporter of Planned Parenthood, and a faithful Democrat. Mary was a founding member of the Club. We were also saddened to lose member Marsha Hymanson, who passed away in September at age 72. Marsha served as Treasurer for the Club from 2013 to 2014. She also served a term as a Democratic State Central Committee Delegate and was once honored by Adam Schiff at a Women of the Year Luncheon.
Certainly it is difficult to lose any of our members–our friends and fellow advocates. But we honor their legacies by continuing our efforts, being informed, contributing when and where we can, and making a difference each in our own way. And what a difference we will make.  The mid-term elections are proof of what we can accomplish when we are proactive. And as we lay the groundwork in 2019, just imagine the change we can effect in 2020!
With pride and great appreciation,
Lora De La Portilla
Cañada Crescenta Democratic Club

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Club Meeting Sunday, January 27

Speaker: Professor Andrew Winnick
“The 2018 Elections: What Happened?
Why? And Now What?”

His talk is an overview of speakers who presented at the The American Institute for Progressive Democracy in November.

“A lot has already happened in the two months since the election, and I will also attempt to bring a summary of this to the discussion. I hope we can also have a vigorous Q&A and will attempt to leave time for this,” says Andy.

Andy Winnick is Professor Emeritus of Economics and Statistics at Cal State University, Los Angeles, having previously served for eight years there as the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs/Dean of Faculty. He is the President of the Board of Directors of The American Institute for Progressive Democracy, an action-oriented, public policy think tank.

This meeting will be 3-5 PM
The Center for Spiritual Living
4845 Dunsmore Ave. (at Santa Carlotta),
La Crescenta

Winnick’s “The Great Bait & Switch,” on Tax Reform, officially “The Tax Cuts and Jobs Law.” Click here to read it to get a head start on part of his talk.

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Prop 1 is Already on the 2020 Ballot

cs-image-20180313Joey Williams spoke at the Orange Grove Friends Meeting House  on Sunday November 10, 2018. Speaking on behalf of  PICO California, part of the Faith In Action Network,  he described the process of gathering and submitting over 870,000 signatures to the 58 County Registrars to qualify the California Schools and Local Communities Funding Act for the November 2020 ballot. This will be the first commercial property tax reform initiative to qualify for the ballot in 40 years since Proposition 13 passed in 1978.

This initiative is also supported by  League of Women Voters of California, California Calls, Advancement Project California, Evolve California, Common Sense Kids Action, Alliance San Diego, the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of California (CHIRLA), ACLU SoCal, and the California Federation of Teachers.


Schools and Communities First, a coalition of nearly 300 groups and leaders, has qualified an initiative for the Nov. 2020 ballot that would lift Prop 13 caps on property taxes for commercial and industrial properties.  (Proposition 13 limits property taxes for both homes and businesses to 1% of the property’s taxable value and prohibits the taxes from going up more than 2% per year until the property is sold.)

The initiative would create a “split roll” system, leaving in place the caps on home property taxes while removing the protections for commercial and business properties.  Commercial and business properties could be taxed at fair market value.



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State of California Midterm Election Results

California Secretary of State has ( 24,312 of 24,312 ) precincts partially
reporting as of November 7, 2018, 11:27 a.m.

                                                                     Votes               Percent


☑ Gavin Newsom (Party Preference: DEM)      4,227,735          59.3%
John H. Cox (Party Preference: REP)              2,896,411         40.7%

Lieutenant Governor
Ed Hernandez (Party Preference: DEM)        2,614,679         44.3%
☑ Eleni Kounalakis (Party Preference: DEM)   3,291,408        55.7%

Secretary of State
☑ Alex Padilla (Party Preference: DEM)           4,333,888          61.7%
Mark P. Meuser (Party Preference: REP)      2,691,757         38.3%

☑ Betty T. Yee (Party Preference: DEM)                  4,404,698   62.9%
Konstantinos Roditis (Party Preference: REP)   2,603,061   37.1%

☑ Fiona Ma (Party Preference: DEM)               4,273,754         61.2%
Greg Conlon (Party Preference: REP)           2,713,348        38.8%

Attorney General
☑ Xavier Becerra (Party Preference: DEM)      4,259,636       60.7%
Steven C Bailey (Party Preference: REP)       2,758,602       39.3%

Insurance Commissioner
☑ Ricardo Lara (Party Preference: DEM)          3,393,189      50.8%
Steve Poizner (Party Preference: NPP)         3,287,452      49.2%

Superintendent of Public Instruction
Close Contest
Tony K. Thurmond                                            3,004,259   49.3%
☑Marshall Tuck                                                    3,090,707   50.7%

U.S. Senate
Kevin De Leon (Party Preference: DEM)      2,871,488    45.7%
☑Dianne Feinstein (Party Preference: DEM)  3,413,859    54.3%
Proposition Title

Yes Votes %            No Votes %
☑ Yes 1 Bonds to Fund Veteran & Affordable Housing.
3,713,218    54.1%                 3,154,381    45.9%
☑Yes 2 Amend Existing Housing Program for Mental Illness.
4,216,221    61.1%                  2,680,442    38.9%
☑No 3 Bond for Water and Environmental Projects.
3,248,415    47.7%                    3,568,010    52.3%
☑Yes 4 Bond for Children’s Hospital Construction.
4,175,910    60.6%                       2,718,855    39.4%
☑No 5 Senior Property Reduction.
2,873,484    41.9%                          3,979,530    58.1%
☑No 6 Repeal of Fuel Tax Approved by Voters.
3,141,881    44.9%                       3,857,819    55.1%
☑Yes 7 Change Daylight Saving Time Period.
4,098,868    59.9%                         2,740,645    40.1%
☑No 8 Regulates Kidney Dialysis Treatment Charges.
2,660,633    38.4%                           4,260,758    61.6%
☑No 10 Rental Control on Residential Property.
2,675,378    38.3%                           4,310,298    61.7%
☑Yes 11 Emergency Ambulance Employees on-call.
4,096,948    59.4%                       2,796,915    40.6%

☑Yes 12 Farm Animals Confinement Standards.
4,202,724    61.0%                    2,688,382    39.0%


U.S. Representative District 39

Gil Cisneros (Party Preference: DEM) 73,077    48.7%
Young Kim (Party Preference: REP) 76,956    51.3%

U.S. Representative District 25

☑Katie Hill (Party Preference: DEM) 83,662    51.3%
Steve Knight (Party Preference: REP) 79,545    48.7%

U.S. Representative District 45

Katie Porter (Party Preference: DEM) 88,765    48.3%
Mimi Walters (Party Preference: REP) 94,998    51.7%

U.S. Representative District 48
Close Contest
☑Harley Rouda (Party Preference: DEM) 91,750    50.7%
Dana Rohrabacher (Party Preference: REP) 89,068    49.3%

U.S. Representative District 49

☑Mike Levin (Party Preference: DEM) 94,579    53.5%
Diane L. Harkey (Party Preference: REP) 82,095    46.5%

U.S. Representative District 50

Ammar Campa-Najjar (Party Preference: DEM) 69,244    45.7%
Duncan Hunter (Party Preference: REP) 82,379   54.3%

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Los Angeles County 2018 Midterm Election Results

Los Angeles County Registrar has 100% of 4,728 precincts reporting

From 5,200,514 total registrations, 1,975,855 (37%) total votes were cast in LA County.

Judy Chu, Adam Schiff, Ted Lieu, Maxine Waters and other local Members of Congress won reelection with comfortable margins.

schiff chu

maxine waters

Laura Friedman, running unopposed for our Assembly District, won.lauraFriedman

Luz Rivas, our club-endorsed Candidate for Sunland Tujunga, won her race against Benito Ramirez.


Los Angeles County Flood Control District Measure W to capture storm water passed.

Jeffrey Prang, Club endorsed candidate for Country Tax Assessor won 60/40. Alex Villanueva, club endorsed candidate for Los Angeles County Sheriff, held a 0.3% margin with a 4,927 vote advantage.


All 4 judges who sought the endorsement of Canada Crescenta Democratic Club won their elections.


Local Cities passed sales tax measures to fund public services. In Los Angeles, the Public Bank Measure failed.




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Constitutional Hardball

So long as Republicans maintain their grasp on power, they can enforce the Supreme court’s decisions through legislation, executive orders, and, if necessary, the National Guard.

If Democrats control both houses of congress, they can bring impeachment charges against justices, strip the court of jurisdiction to hear particular cases, change the size of the court to ensure favorable majorities, and even freeze the justices’ salaries out of spite.

States may refuse to comply with Court Decisions, claiming that the court’s current majority is illegitimate.

Constitutional Hardball

Opinion _ The Coming Storm Over the Supreme Court – The New York Times

Brett Kavanaugh_s confirmation will pave the way for a constitutional crisis.

Washington Monthly _ With Kavanaugh, Republicans Secure An Unjust and Unsustainable Minority Rule

Resisting the Juristocracy _ Boston Review

Brett Kavanaugh_ Impeaching a Supreme Court justice, explained – Vox

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Notice of October General Meeting

Notice of October General Meeting

Please join us
Sunday, Oct. 21
from 3 PM to 5 PM
at the Center for Spiritual Living
4845 Dunsmore Ave., La Crescenta.

Guest Speaker
on Water Bonds, Prop. 3

Jonathan Parfrey,
Executive Director of Climate Resolve and formerly a commissioner at the LADWP, will share his take on the Water Bonds, Prop 3, which he supports.

We have also asked the Sierra Club, which opposes Prop. 3, to speak about it as well.

With an admirable resume in environmental organizations including CicLAvia, Parfrey was also at one time the Los Angeles director of Physicians for Social Responsibility. He is currently a fellow at the Los Angeles Institute for the Humanities; a member of the State of California Climate Adaptation Technical Advisory Committee (2016) and a member of the steering committee for the US Climate and Health Alliance (2016).

Know Your Ballot

We will review Nov. 6 Ballot. Bring your sample ballot or print the PDF we sent this week “Know Your Ballot…the Endorsements”
Endorsements Guide

Last night the Board additionally endorsed
Rep. Adam Schiff (CA-28)
Assemblyperson Laura Friedman (AD43)
and Assemblyperson Luz Rivas (AD39)

Feel heartsick about the Brett Kavanaugh debacle? Our V.P. Susan Mastrodemos will present “There’s Hope in Face of the Kavanaugh Appointment!”

Club Officers 2019
The nominees for 2019 offices will be presented at the October Meeting. Election takes place at the November meeting.

President: Lora De La Portilla
Vice President: Susan Mastrodemos
Controller: Robert “Bud” Slotky
Meetings Secretary: Carolyn Young
Board Secretary: Heidi Aspaturian

PLEASE NOTE: Additional nominations can be taken at the Oct. meeting (nominee must be there to accept nomination or have sent a letter to our Secretary prior to the meeting (email Carolyn at cjymesalila@gmail.com).

Midterms “Watch Party” Nov. 6

We’re in for a Wonderful Victory, don’t you think? And if we lose a few, at least you’ll have your fellow Dems to commiserate with.

Join us on Election Night Nov. 6 for a Watch Party at Joselito’s Montrose where we’ll have an upstairs table. You can order food and drink and watch the returns on TV. Come join us 6 PM to 10 PM, at 2345 Honolulu Ave., Montrose. Parking in the back or on the street.

Click here to RSVP by Fri, Nov. 2 to Leslie.
RSVP for Watch Party Nov. 6


If you haven’t connected with any other group, the best way to roll up your sleeves and help Get Out the Vote for the midterms is through the United Democratic Headquarters in Pasadena.

They have a full calendar of canvassing, postcard writing, text- banking, and phoning.

1487 E Colorado Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91106
Do not park behind building
—best to park in $2 PCC lot at Holliston and Green Street
Call or Text – (626) 808-8493
Email – PasadenaUDH@gmail.com


Pictured above is one of the types of postcards you hear Susan and Suzanne promoting. More help with hand-writing and coloring of cards always appreciated! Contact Suzanne directly– goldbergsm@aol.com

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November 2018 General Election Ballot: CaDem, LACDP, and CCDC Endorsements

Printable PDF here November Ballot
CCDC Endorsements November 2018 Ballot

Reference Materials

Los Angeles County Ballot: Candidates

Los Angeles County Ballot: Propositions

Pasadena Area League of Women Voters: Pros and Cons
Pros and Cons November 2018 3.1

CalMatters Voters’ Guide

CalMatters Proposition 3: Commentary
PRO & CON on Proposition 3

(NEW) Proposition recommendations from a dozen organizations

(NEW) Swing SoCal Left statewide organizations’ endorsements of candidates and propositions


(NEW) Background information on Supreme Court and Court of Appeals retention. 

LA TIMES: California Supreme Court and Court of Appeal justices face simple up-or-down votes, with no challengers.   State voters must retain or reject each justice in the first gubernatorial election after their appointment, and then again every 12 years.











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ADEM election coming January 2019. Info on being elected as a Delegate.


How to become a District Level Delegate


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Meeting: Election update Propositions on the ballot

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