Voters’ Guide to 2018 Primary Election

Review the topics that matter most to you, and examine the candidates for statewide office, in this helpful web page.

CalMatters Voters’ Guide to 2018 Primary Election

If you’re a registered voter in the state of California, you have a few decisions to make. As a member of one of the world’s largest hiring boards, you and 8 to 15 million of your fellow Californians will decide who ought to run our state. This is about more than picking the applicants you like the best. You’re also deciding how we collectively manage our finances, keep our most vulnerable citizens healthy and safe, protect our environment, and plan for our future.


May 4-6
GOP state party convention

May 21
Voter registration deadline (for primary)

May 29
Vote-by-mail request deadline (primary)

June 5
California Primary Day!