Final – Gar Byurm from DNC Convention in Denver

Thursday was a generational day. It seemed like a historic moment. It was awesome to see the stadium fill up during the day. Congressman John Lewis spoke and reminded everyone about how important Martin Luther King’s speech was and how he is the only one alive today who spoke on that day. We were entertained by music groups during the day such as Cheryl Crowe and Stevie Wonder. There was a country band from Colorado. It broke up the speeches from various people. There were a lot of people from around the country who spoke, including military people, young men who served in Iraq and Afghanistan and told everyone why they were supporting Barack Obama for president.

We were briefed by one of the leaders of the Obama campaign who is responsible for the huge registration effort across the country. He gave us a factual example of how effective registration efforts are – for example, in Pennsylvania they registered 340,000 new Democratic voters and has 60,000 fewer registered Republicans. Throughout the swing states, there is a huge effort to register rural voters throughout September.

During the course of the day, there were periodic speakers who were Republican from different walks of life as part of a continuing effort to communicate to the public that Obama’s campaign was dealing with issues in a bipartisan way – they were not Democratic or Republican issues, but American issues.

I was impressed with one Republican woman from North Carolina told about her health care horror story.

There was one section where retired military leaders came onstage in their suits and uniforms to sign on for duty for Barack Obama. One spoke about how they were committed to Barack Obama and how he was quite fit to be commander in chief.

Al Gore seemed impressed by the size of the crowd. He told us about the global warming threat the planet faces and how Obama will be the person to address it.

The crowd was amazing during Barack Obama’s speech. You could feel the energy of the crowd – it was totally electric being there. Periodically, I would stop rising and cheering and instead looked at the crowed in amazement. Some people brought their own flags. It was an awesome sight seeing all these flags being waved. One cannot overstate the historic moment of nominating an African American to be the next President of the United States.

I want to give a personal thank you and express my appreciation for all of you who made it possible for me to be a delegate in Denver. I was not alone there. I was humbled by the many calls I received from friends throughout the district, including Republicans.

As we were preparing to leave Denver on Friday morning, many of us found out that John McCain picked Sarah Palin for President. We were all shocked and amazed. The women I spoke to thought it was a cynical choice. We recognize that this choice will be popular with the evangelical base of the Republican party – but for the rest of us, the general conclusion is that Sarah Palin is not qualified to be a heart beat away from the presidency.

I’m back home now. I sincerely can’t thank everyone enough.

Originally posted by Gar Byrum, Delegate

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