September 2009 meeting: Jeff Warner on the Israel-Palestine conflict

Speaker: Jeff Warner, Jewish peace activist in Los Angeles

Topic: Arab/Israeli conflict.

Jeff Warner is a Jewish peace activist in Los Angeles. He is active in LA Jews for Peace, Jews for Peace Between Israelis and Palestinians, Americans for Peace Now, and Cousins Club of Orange County.Warner organized street demonstrations against the Israeli siege of Gaza since late 2007, and against the Israeli bombardment of Gaza during the December-January massacre. He visited Israel-Palestine several times as a peace activist, including a tripin 2006 to rebuild a Palestinian home that was demolished by Israel, and this past July to Gaza as part of the Viva Palestine Humanitarian Peace mission.

Warner is a retired geologist. During his 35 year career he was an academic studying mountain building in the Appalachian mountainsof New England, was a Moon rock and planetary geology specialist at the NASA-Johnson Space Center, and was a development, reservoir management petrologistfor Chevron Research.

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