Next Meeting: April 17th: Nominations / Bylaws Amendment / Ken Swope

We have a lot of activity at our April meeting:

  • Speaker: Ken Swope, Media consultant
  • Nominations
  • A proposed bylaw amendment

Nominations and Bylaws:

April 17th is our Nomination Meeting. According to our bylaws, this is the only meeting in which nominations for club officers can be made. The nominating committee has announced its nominations for the next term and they are:

  • President: Dana Runge
  • Vice President: Lloyd Komesar
  • Secretary: Joanne McBirney
  • Treasurer: Loretta Savery

Members may also be nominated from the floor, see the bylaws. (link)

We will also be voting on amending the bylaws to change the time and manner of the election of officers. Find the proposed amendments here: (link)

Our speaker: Ken Swope

Ken Swope & Associates, Inc. is a Boston-based Democratic political media consulting firm that specializes in message development, political strategy, and the creation and production of television, radio, and print advertising for Democratic candidates, environmental groups, unions, and other progressive public sector and public service organizations. The firm has created mass media campaigns from Maine to California for President, U.S. Senate, U.S House, Governor, and many environmental, human rights, and referenda campaigns.

Ken has written and produced TV, radio, and print campaigns for Senators Joe Biden, John Kerry, Tom Harkin, and Patrick Leahy, Mayor Ray Flynn of Boston, George McGovern, Mike Dukakis, Leo McCarthy (CA), the League of Conservation Voters, the Sierra Club, USPIRG, CalPirg, MassPirg, the National Education Association, the Massachusetts Teachers Association, AFSME, the AFL-CIO, the Democracy for China Fund, and many others.

He’s done TV campaigns for four Presidential candidates: McGovern, Biden, Dukakis, and Harkin. Ken’s TV spots for Mike Dukakis helped win the Democratic nomination for President in ’88. He didn’t work in the general election.

Since 2003, Ken has been writing and producing TV spots for Citizens Energy, the non-profit energy company run by former U.S. Rep Joe Kennedy, Robert F Kennedy’s oldest son. The TV spots run in seventeen states in major media markets each winter, offering free heating oil to help 200,000 low income families survive the winter. Joe Kennedy is featured in the spots with real families who are facing economic hardship.

Ken does all the writing and is the creative director for all productions. He is one of the few writer/producers working in political advertising who has a professional background in commercial advertising, having worked as a writer and creative director at ad agencies in Philadelphia, Boston and New York. His work is known for its powerful emotional content, compelling music, humor, and attention-getting techniques.

Ken has won over sixty local and national awards for creative excellence. In a national “Best & Worst” reader survey inCampaign & Elections magazine, he was voted the number 2 media consultant in America. Many of his spots have been featured on “Best of…” and “Classics of…” videos. A Campaign & Elections magazine video, “The 25 Funniest Political Commercials,” features several Ken Swope TV spots.

In California, Ken is currently doing pro bono work with Ann Doneen, former Director of the La Canada Chamber of Commerce, writing and producing newspaper ads and brochures for The Wetlands Defense Fund. Their campaign,, is an effort to stop an ill-advised, large scale demolition and “restoration” project in Malibu Lagoon.


Sunday, April 17, 2011 3:00pm – 5:00pm

Home of Lloyd Komesar and Maureen Carn

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