January 29th – The Tea Party and Conservative Legal Movement

General Membership Meeting
Sunday, January 29, 2012

Guest Speaker: Amanda Hollis-Brusky, Pomona College professor

Learn about the potential impact on we-the-people if the conservative legal movement achieves it’s intended interpretation of the U. S. Constitution.

Amanda Hollis-Brusky is Assistant Professor of Politics at Pomona College, where she teaches courses on American Politics, Constitutional Law and the intersection of Law and Politics. Before to coming to Pomona College, she had a post-doctoral research appointment at the Center for the Study of Law and Society (CSLS) at Berkeley Law School.

Her publications in this area include a well-received review of the conservative legal movement in the journal Law and Social Inquiry and an analysis of the intellectual origins and transformation of the Unitary Executive Theory in Denver University Law Review.  Her current research projects include a book manuscript based on her dissertation work (“Ideas With Consequences: The Federalist Society and the Conservative Counterrevolution in the Law”); a co-authored analysis of “conscience clause” exemptions in state legislation covering access to contraceptives; and a co-authored project on the Christian Conservative Legal Movement and the implications of reframing “law as a calling” for Christian lawyers.

Savery-Black Residence
2:45 pm – meet and greet.
3:00 pm – Guest Speaker and discussion.
Club business follows the presentation..

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