February 26th – The Occupy Movement

General Membership Meeting
Sunday, February 26, 2012

If you’ve ever wondered what the Occupy movement is all about, or how its week-to-week objectives are planned by its dedicated participants, this is a terrific opportunity. Meet those on the front lines of a movement which has captured support, and criticism, from virtually all points along the political spectrum.

Following the standing room only turnout at last month’s meeting, board member Gar Byrum has arranged another fascinating presentation. He is bringing activists and supporters of Occupy Claremont, which launched in November 2011 at Pitzer College and has since moved off campus and includes members of the community. The movement began as Occupy Wall Street in New York, with occupations springing up around the country, inspiring grassroots activism on a variety of economic and social issues.

We will meet student activist Emma French and one of the tent occupiers, Gregory Toliver, who is also a graduate of Carnegie Mellon.  Both will share their experiences of what how the encampment works and the wide range of actions they have been involved in. Occupy activists address local and national issues and have pioneered their own unique system of General Assembly and democratic decision making processes.

Joining the presentation is Daniel Segal, Professor of Anthropology, Professor of History and Directors of the Munroe Center for Social Inquiry at Pitzer College.  Prof. Segal will offer his perspective on Occupy, in the context of the uprisings and movements towards democracies in the Middle East and U.S. electoral politics.


Home of Elisa and Eric Callow

2:45 pm – meet and greet.
3:00 pm – Guest Speaker and discussion.
Club business follows the presentation.

Occupy Claremont

Occupy Claremont

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