September 23 – “Koch Brothers Exposed” and Ballot Measures

September Membership Meeting

Sunday, September 23, 2012
2:00-4:00 PM
Home of Marsha Hymanson
La Cañada


Film: “The Koch Brothers Exposed”

Koch Industries is a privately held corporation based in Wichita, Kan

     U.S. elections are now operating in uncharted and dangerous waters, allowing the rich and super rich to contribute millions of personal income, overwhelming the democratic system as never before.  Join us in a viewing of a 52-minute documentary “Koch Brothers Exposed,” by Robert Greenwald. The filmmaker says, “The Kochs are willing to use hundreds of millions to attempt to buy democracy on a grand scale. The use of their enormous resources are driving our country towards greater and greater economic and power inequity. It is important we use all the tools at our disposable to investigate and expose. And most important to take action…

Endorsements: Ballot Measures 2012

In our own efforts to participate in this great democracy, we will discuss and vote on taking a positions on the ballot measures on the November ballot.

The official source on all the propositions is the
Secretary of State’s website:

At our last meeting, Jerry Reynolds gave an initial presentation on the upcoming initiatives and propositions.  We recommend our members prepare for the meeting by reading up on the ballot measures  (double click to open links.)

Ballot measures

Jerry has also offered to pass along additional materials, upon request.  He has handouts on each measure, including a cover sheet that provides basic info and vote recommendations from various organizations.  Other materials worth looking over are the arguments and rebuttals for and against each measure and a summary of major donors.  Here, for example, are his materials on Prop 30:

  Prop 30 – Cover sheet

Prop 30 summary and analysis from Attorney General

Prop 30-arg-rebuttals

  Prop 30 – contributions

To request more information on other ballot measures, contact Jerry at: 

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