Demo Club Supports Climate Bills

Concerned about climate change and encouraged by California’s strong efforts to address it, members of the Cañada Crescenta Democratic Club unanimously voted Sunday, Aug. 23, to support Senate Bills 32 and 350, which call for limiting greenhouse gas emissions, reducing petroleum use, and doubling energy efficiency in buildings. 

Both bills have passed in the State Senate and must be approved by the Assembly or, if amended, must be voted on again in the Senate. Members were urged to call their Assemblyman (for local District 43 that is Mike Gatto) and State Senator (for District 25, Carol Liu) to urge their support. The bills address what citizens and industries can do to minimize the dangers of climate change. A concern was expressed that petroleum industry lobbyists may be trying to derail the bills.

Democratic Club member Rody Stephenson introduced the issue and member Nalini Lasiewicz made the motion to support the bills.

In other news, the Club began making plans for a candidate forum in 2016 to introduce to the public candidates for State Assembly and possibly for County Supervisor.

Submitted by Bonnie Finn, Publicity Chair

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