August General Meeting

Sunday, August 21, 2016
3:00 to 5:00 PM
Home of Anthony and Ellen Portantino

Candidate Guest:
Darrell Park
Candidate for County Board of Supervisors, Fifth District
“A Progressive Vision for L.A. County”

The Fifth District has been represented by Supervisor Antonovich since 1980.
We have a historic opportunity for progressive Democrats to have a bigger role in
planning out in the future of L.A. County.  Website, click here.

Topic:  Elections 2016
Special Guest: LCF resident Teena Hostovich, a local Democrat who will share her
experience attending the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

Our  Board member Victoria Hays will lead a discussion, encouraging members  to
give their thoughts on what this election has meant to them.

Club Business:
A motion will be made for a donation of $4,000 for the UDH (Pasadena United Democratic Headquarters) and Anthony Portantino, $1,000 for his Campaign for the State Senate

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