Mark your calendar: ADEM election Jan 7, 2017

As Democrats, our next election is January 7, 2017, where we will elect our Assembly District representatives to the LA County Committee Central Committee.  Click here for details.

Assembly District Election Meetings (ADEMs) are held every two years to elect 7 women and 7 men to be Assembly District Delegates for their area.

Delegates are responsible for planning and attending informational meetings throughout the region, working with other delegates to represent their community, and to represent at Regional Meetings and the California Democrats Convention


Click here to apply.  The application deadline to apply for the 2017-2019 cycle is December 8, 2016.

Here is a brief primer on County Committees, written by Peter J. Rudinskas:

“County Committee members are average folks who volunteer some of our time to serve our country by serving the Democratic Party. We are publicly elected officials that function, essentially, as the Board of Directors for the Los Angeles County Democratic Party. Unlike many other progressive organizations or clubs, we have official duties, as defined by the California Election Code, and carry the official weight of the California Democratic Party for certain matters within our jurisdiction.

In the mythical lore of days gone by, “party bosses” called the political shots far from public view in the hallowed “smoke-filled room.” Today’s Democratic Central Committee bears almost no resemblance to this archetype of the past. Actually, all of our meetings are public and open to any registered Democrat. We meet monthly, normally during the second Tuesday at 7:00p at the United Teachers of Los Angeles caucus room (3303 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90010). Members perform most of their work in subcommittees and local delegations, which are also open to public view by any registered Democrat.”


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