June 5, 2018 Statewide Direct Primary Election

ballotPlease make a plan to vote
in the Statewide Direct Primary Election.

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Canvassing for Pasadena City College Board of Trustees candidate

Cañada Crescenta Democratic Club endorses Sandra Chen Lau for Pasadena City College Board of Trustees – District 1.  Election is Tuesday, June 5, 2018.



Walk For Sandra

Let’s Win This Election!

Join Us Saturday, April 7, 2018 
9 AM – Noon

Put on your walking shoes and help Sandra!

We just ask for two or three hours of your time to knock on a few doors and say hello to voters! We will pair you with someone!

4565 Viro Road
La Canada, CA 91011

Please RSVP to sandraforpcc@gmail.com

For more info call Bill at 626-705-2180

Water and snacks provided!

Authorized and Paid for by Sandra Chen Lau for PCC Board 2018

FPPC# 1401652

Flyer Created and Generated on Home Computer

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AD39 Candidate Questions

The Cañada Crescenta Democratic Club (also serving Sunland – Tujunga) presented Candidate Forum for CALIFORNIA 39th Assembly District  at 2 PM, Sunday, March 25 at the Sunland-Tujunga Municipal Building – North Valley City Hall.
AD39 Forum2
Candidates participating were
Yolie Anguiano
Ricardo Benitez
Patty Lopez
Patrea Patrick
Luz Rivas
Antonio Sanchez

The forum was well attended and the audience had dozens of questions for the candidates. So many questions, in fact, that we could not fit them into the time allotted!

AD39 Forum

Cañada Crescenta Democratic Club forwarded questions  concurrently to all of the democratic candidates. Answers received from the candidates to date are posted here.

1. What is your position on Senate Bill 827 and generally on the state overriding local control over City planning issues?

Patrea Patrick:
The basic problem remains: It is difficult to build housing due to city and county gridlock. City wants big box retail and thus uses bureaucratic choke points. The state’s residents use its tools to prevent new construction that might infest their neighborhood lowering their property values. Our economy and our communities can work together on this. The Assembly member has to take charge.

2. If elected, how would you work with Neighborhood Councils on a day-to-day basis? [From Kurt Cabrera-Miller, President, Sylmar Neighborhood Council]

Patrea Patrick:
Three main problems: Bad attendance, NASCAR affect, and Special interest.

1) We must engage the community, but that can only be done if the Assembly-member is serving the people. 2) We must get the undue influence of money out of politics. We keep voting the same moneyed interest politicians in! We must question the NASCAR affect. The candidate should be wearing the LOGO’s of their sponsor on their jackets! We then would see why these politicians don’t have time to attend these meetings. They are off doing the bidding of their sponsors. All we get is lip service. 3)This makes the Neighborhood Council ineffective. People feel it is a waste of time to get involved. When special interest rule the community, community’s lose. I would be able to work with the Neighborhood Council, because I would not be beholden special Interest.

3. If elected, would you fight to ensure healthcare is available to all people, regardless of income? [From Kurt Cabrera-Miller, President, Sylmar Neighborhood Council]
Patrea Patrick
4. How do you feel about passing, or at a minimum having a discussion, about SB526 regarding single-payer healthcare for California and for the nation.
Patrea Patrick:
I champion Single Payer for the correct reasons. Takes out marketing, adverting, and insurance players. It gets down to the business of health care. I’ve have traveled to many countries and have seen first hand the excellent care possible.

I think we will still have quality healthcare with Single Payer. It will attract people who want to be in that profession for a chance to cure, not just in it for the money.

5. What is your position on a sanctuary state? In particular, California as a sanctuary state?
Patrea Patrick:
So far we are a sanctuary state. The people have spoken.

6. What do you see as the three biggest challenges facing California in the future?
Patrea Patrick:
1) Climate Change. We must focus on local water catchment, storage, green jobs and zero emissions. 2) Education and 3) Economy. Jobs are changing. Training and education must meet new demands of Technology and Automaton.

7. We have tremendously high priced utilities – especially water. The Mayor has indicated that the “drought pricing” is permanent. What will you do to reduce the cost of utilities, especially water?
Patrea Patrick:
The water department needs oversight. Bills are way to high not only “drought pricing”, but utilities. This is an area I will address as I have a lot of background in the vulnerabilities of the utilities and why prices are high. LOCAL WATER catchment must be implemented. We are way behind the times. The technology is here. The system we have profits a few making Southern California water dependent instead of water independent. We must have water security. I have a plan to do this.

8. How will you deal with our homeless issues?
Patrea Patrick:
Address Homeless so it does not disrupt established neighborhoods. Work for safe Neighborhoods. Clean up the streets. Invective’s for small business who will attract families values, nice atmosphere. This community is suffering with dirty unkept streets, inundated with 7-11s and liqueur stores, it is not pleasant to walk around. General dilapidation attracts homeless.

There are over 8000 city lots. We should be build housing with the thought to keep neighborhoods safe. We need to house the homeless but not to bring unwanted drug and transient activity into a neighborhood. Cities are not offering suitable locations as they do not want to offer properties that they deem suitable to utilize as tax revenue for big box. This pushes the homeless to neighborhood lots and as we are seeing this can have negative affect, devaluing property, and as well safety issues looming over neighborhood. Building for affordable housing must take into account transportation needs.

9. When did you move into Assembly District 39?
Patrea Patrick:
5 and a half years ago

10. What special project(s) do you plan for AD 39, especially in Sunland-Tujunga?
Patrea Patrick:
Clean streets, safe neighborhood, great schools, small business, no transients. Better transit system.

11. Do you know the source of funding for the negative ads against the former Assemblyman, Raul Bocanegra? If yes, please identify the source or sources.
Patrea Patrick:
No I do not. But the truth should be known. A public servant has to have moral standing.

12. As a parent and a grandparent of this community, of California, and of America, what are your feelings on the recent anti-gun march, the March for Our Lives? Do you feel our children are being given an opportunity to express themselves? Or are they being exploited for a political agenda?
Patrea Patrick:
We need safe schools. The students are doing a great job challenging the status quo.

13. FOR YOLIE ANGUIANO: Did you personally contribute funds to the last election campaign for Raul Bocanegra?

14. FOR PATTY LOPEZ: In the two (2) years you served in the California State Assembly, how many Bills that you authored individually (not as a co-author) were passed into law?

15. FOR LUZ RIVAS: What is your position on bypassing current building regulations to build high-density units near bus stops in residential areas?

16. FOR LUZ RIVAS: Did you or your campaign accept $130,000 or more from any person or organization on behalf of charter schools? If yes, do you consider yourself unbiased toward public schools despite having accepted charter school funds?

17. FOR LUZ RIVAS: Due to the November 20, 2017, Los Angeles Times article, the public is aware of the allegations against Mr. Gerardo Guzman. After that point in time, did you give Mr. Guzman the benefit of the doubt instead of believing the woman accusing him of sexual harassment? If yes, why?

18. FOR ANTONIO SANCHEZ: Were you in public service to the people of AD 39 five (5) years ago? If yes, please describe what you were doing for the people of AD 39 at that time.

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Candidate Forum, AD39, Sunday, March 25 2pm

For our friends in Sunland-Tujunga, Shadow Hills, & Lake View Terrace:

It’s all about “Who Will Replace Bocanegra?”

Come meet the candidates!

The election is April 3.

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You should know: California Red Flag laws

California is one of 18 states that

empower law enforcement and immediate family members to petition a court for an gun violence restraining order .

If a court finds that a person poses a significant danger of injuring themselves or others with a firearm, that person is temporarily prohibited from purchasing and possessing guns and required to turn over their guns while the order is in effect.


California Penal Code PART 6. CONTROL OF DEADLY WEAPONS  TITLE 2. DIVISION 3.2. Gun Violence Restraining Orders [18100 – 18205]

Complete instructions and all forms needed are on the California Courts web site.

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February General Meeting, Center for Spiritual Living, Sun 2/25, 3 to 5pm

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Happy New Year!

Only 310 days before the midterm elections. The one where we Democrats take back Congress!

Let’s work together to make history….

Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year!  Greetings from your 2018 Officers and Executive Committee:

President, Kevin Gallivan
Vice President, Lora De La Portilla
Secretary (Member Meeting), Carolyn Young
Controller, Bud Slotky
Action Team Coordinator, Leslie Bielanski
Assistant to Controller, Joseph Kawamura
Board Secretary, Heidi Aspaturian
Membership Co-Chairs, Debra Cohn & Lora De La Portilla
Program Co-Chairs, Dona Mitoma & Susan Mastrodemos
Publicity Chair, Bonnie Finn
Webmaster, Nalini Lasiewicz
President Emeritus, Chuck Guinta


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Nov General Meeting, Center for Spiritual Living, Sun 11/19, 3 to 5pm

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Forum at Pomona College Nov 4, followed by Memorial for Gar Byrum

Before his abrupt passing, Gar Byrum made a big pitch to his friends and colleagues for an upcoming pubic forum at Rose Hills Theatre at Pomona College. Steering us, once again, to become better informed and activated in our political work, each in his/her own way.

We will have several club members attending the Forum, and then meeting with Gar’s friends and family for his Memorial:

Saturday November 4th, 2017
4:00 pm
Todd Memorial Chapel
325 N Indian Hill Blvd.
Claremont, CA 91711

followed by a reception at Napier Common Room, 660 Avery Rd, Pilgrim Place, Claremont, CA 91711.

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to: The American Institute for Progressive Democracy, 2058 North Mills, Avenue, #310, Claremont, CA 91711; The Democratic Club of Claremont, P.O. Box 1201 Claremont, CA 91711; or Pilgrim Place attn: Resident Health and Support Program, 625 Mayflower Road, Claremont, CA 91711.

For more information, Gar’s daughter can be reached at 1-951-467-8529

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Sunday, Oct 22 General Meeting 3 to 5pm


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