CA State Senator Scott Wiener (D): 2018 Housing Package


California must continue to reform its housing policies and create more opportunities for housing, whether in transit-rich city centers or in rural areas where workers need a place to live.

SB 827 creates density and height zoning minimums near transit


Wiener’s bill, SB-827, flies in the face of every assumption Americans have held about neighborhood politics and design for a century. It also makes intuitive sense. The bill would ensure that all new housing construction within a half-mile of a train station or a quarter-mile of a frequent bus route would not be subject to local regulations concerning size, height, number of apartments, restrictive design standards, or the provision of parking spaces.

SB 828— Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA) Reform: clearer, fairer, more data-driven, and more equitable process for how the state and regional bodies assign RHNA numbers to local communities.

SB 829— Expanding Farmworker Housing While Maintaining Strong Worker Protections