Media/Free Speech

Against Media Consolidation!

Write a comment on the FCC comments website about the merger. Go here and click “Express filing” on the left side of the page in the gray box (scroll down a bit). If you get lost, it’s Docket 17-179, “Media Bureau Establishes Pleading Cycle for Applications to Transfer Control of Tribune Media Company to Sinclair Broadcasting Group, Inc. and Permit-But-Disclose Ex Parte Status for the Proceeding.”

Let’s take this opportunity to talk about both the regulations repeal and the merger. Write something like:

I am disturbed by the FCC’s repeal of decades-old regulations protecting Americans from undemocratic and monopolistic media mergers. This is an obvious step meant to clear the way for Sinclair Media to acquire the Tribune Group. It is not right for one media company to have a presence in 72% of American homes. Sinclair is already the nation’s largest broadcaster. It is essential that media remain independent and retain journalistic integrity and repealing these regulations is a deliberate stab in the back of those principles. The repeal sets a very dangerous precedent and the proposed Sinclair merger is monopolistic and damaging.

Then send Ajit Pai the same thing at